FAQ | Bird Raincover


Is this a handmade product?

Yes, all BIRD bag accessories are handmade at our atelier by qualified and experienced tailors.

How do I clean and take care of my BIRD raincover?

The best way to treat your raincover is to clean it with a soft wet cloth. When it is soaked, we recommend you hang it to dry and then keep it safe in its cover case.

Do not put it in the washing machine, iron or tumble dry. Dry cleaning is an option.

Are your raincovers waterproof?

Most handbags are made of natural and sustainable materials that need to “breathe” in order to stay in good condition. Therefore, waterproof materials can be damaging for bags as they usually create a harmful airtight cover around them.

Considering this delicate nature of your precious bags, BIRD offers you water repellent raincover options, which while not being waterproof, will protect your belongings from the rain, the wind and the storm.

What kind of materials are used to make BIRD raincover?

Our raincovers are made of high-quality polyester so that they are all water repellent. The double-lined feature adds extra safety for your precious belongings. All bag accessories are also equipped with adjustable cords which allow you to fit them with the handles of your bags.

The coloured editions are decorated with lead wire, ensuring that BIRD will keep your precious bag dry even during the wind and storm. Additionally, the transparent versions are decorated with chains in gold and silver, allowing you to showcase your bag while mixing it with matching textures.

All BIRD raincovers are delivered to you with a cover case, which allows you to comfortably store them in your bag.

Are there any other colour combinations available to order?

Yes! We offer you an option to design your personal BIRD raincover. Depending on your specific needs and taste, you can customize the colours, sizes, cords and even the cord caps for your raincover. Custom printed options for the raincovers are also available.

However, please note that since all our accessories are handmade, the crafting and tailoring process takes time. Therefore, the delivery times of our custom products and prices are communicated per order and upon request.

You can tell us your needs in the form on the product page.

We will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the preferences you have made. After that, we will check the availability of fabrics and will get back to you within a week with a quotation and possible delivery dates.

What types and sizes of BIRD raincover are available?

We are proud to offer you several options of BIRD covers. All our accessories come in three standard sizes, mini, medium and maxi. The exact measurements are as follows:

  • Mini BIRD cover – 24 cm x 22 cm (front x side).
    Mini is perfect for Lady Dior
    (regular) and similar sized bags.
  • Medium BIRD cover– 31 cm x 32 cm (front x side)
    Medium is perfect for Bamboo Gucci Bag
    and similar sized bags.
  • Maxi BIRD cover – 35 cm x 32 cm (front x side)
    Maxi is perfect for Celine Luggage Bag
    and similar sized bags.

You can choose between multiple BIRD cover editions in Black, Navy Blue, Olive Green, as well as our transparent options.

In the product page, you can choose the type and size that is right for you. You also have the option to personalize your order.

If you want a specific size Bird for your bag  (not the standard S,M or L), please let us know.