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Our Story

We are not just a rain cover for luxury bags. We are much more than that.

We are an independent accessories brand that was born from a necessity and evolved into a bigger cause.

We are protection in essence. Protection to what we consider precious, against what we are afraid of. Rain, wind, harsh conditions. You name it. We are practicality translated into a statement piece.

We are not just an essential accessory; we are an everyday choice. And we choose, as a brand, to incorporate the concept that was born with our first product into everything that shall come after. And most importantly, into how we work and who we work with.

An item created with thoughtful consideration and good design, BIRD has protection at its core.

Our Statement

When we face challenges,
We face fear, adrenaline, doubt. We seek shelter.

Protection against the unknown. Against hard conditions.
Against the rain, the wind, the storm.

When we face challenges,
We also face growth.
We learn from our history.
We learn about independency, that we are strong.
And we learn that we are even stronger when we are together.

When we face challenges,
We learn that protection is in our nature.

As animals, as humans, as creators.

We learn that after a storm, comes a calm.
And that there is no reason to be afraid of the rain, Because no challenging condition is scary
When you feel safe.

We have the opportunity to rewrite our own history,
To deconstruct our perception of the storm.
And when the wind and the rain isn’t as scary as before. That means we are not afraid anymore.

challenging conditions

Our purpose

As human beings, protection is in our nature. We protect what we consider valuable, the ones who are in need, and we choose as a brand to protect our community. We are here to make the difference, to deconstruct the way we deal with adversity. We are here to offer the opportunity to resignify hard conditions and to guarantee that there is no reason to be afraid of the rain because no storm is dangerous if you feel safe.

Being a company with a female founder, freedom and independence are deeply engraved within our core values. We also understand that words are not enough, and we must take the responsibility of reshaping the world into our own hands. From our very first product, we try and create a safe space that protects women from difficult backgrounds. Our atelier is managed by an all-female team who all overcame challenging conditions in their previous lives. Now, BIRD provides them with new skills and opportunities, as well as a safe working environment.

We also consistently seek and work with partners, vendors and collaborators who share our values, ensuring that we invest in beliefs which turn the world into a safe space for women.

Bird Foundation

The BIRD Foundation has been established as a fund to support women who have been oppressed, supressed into forced labour and those who have been victims of human trafficking.

With protection as the core of our brand’s philosophy, we commit ourselves in supplying women a good job and education within our Atelier.

With this funding, we can ensure women from challenging conditions receive the support and tools they need to re-build their lives.